New Vocaloid and stuffffffff

2014-01-17 16:38:18 by dj-Jo

So yeah


Just recently, my copy of the Kagamines came in the mail!!! I can't wait to start making new songs with Rin and Len.

Plus, the person who sent the package also gave me 2 pieces of candy Rofl! I'm hoping they aren't poisonous (I'm still alive now so we're all good).








Well, in other news.

I have another original song (finally making originals again aha) featuring YOHIOloid in production.

Here is a preview I leaked on Tumblr :)

That's right. Metalstep Vocaloud.


Dubstep in the style of metal with YOHIOloid throwing down some screamo.

Any vocaloid producers out there, I suggest you check out the plugin Charsiesis. It's the plugin I used to make YOHIOloid sound like he's doing some sick screams. I think I know how it works but I'm not too sure. My Theory: the plugin multiplies the vocal sample and seperates each copy and distorts them to create a scream-like sound, almost like layering whitenoise.

You can literally put this plugin on anything being said or sung and make it sound like the person is screaming.




Also, recently released a new remix!

Anyone watching the Monogatari series?



I'm loving these new drums samples! I hope everyone loves em too haha




aaaaaaaaaaaaand here is a list on what I plan to do:

Hamatora OP feat. YOHIOloid (drum and bass remix)

Astral Observatory (liquid drum and bass remix)

Bakemonogatari Ending (drum and bass / drumstep remix)

Attack on EDM EP:

Opening 1 remix, Opening 2 remix, Ending 2 remix, OST remix, and bonus piano cover.

Katamari Damacy EP:

4 - 5 OST remixes (also look at my profile picture)




Alright that is it. I think I need to make more of these news posts lol. (and originals too)

Also shoutout to @back-from-purgatory

she cool


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2014-01-18 12:24:33

i was actually thinking of buying a new voicebank this year.. but then i think ive spent too much already btw have you heard the new vocaloid kokone i think? and i see you have a long line of to do remix list.. how about some originals hmmmmmmm??? hehe

dj-Jo responds:

ah dang man
And yeah, I've heard a video on her and she sounds cool! I really like her character design as well!

Lol yeeeaaah
I'll try for more originals >_< I know I need more of those hahaa


2014-02-04 16:33:23

Yey, I'm cool!