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holy crap!

I've been playing some of your flash games....
sad to say that I wasn't that impressed.
This flash animation blew me away!
Holy crap man! How long did this take you!?!?!?!?!!?!!

this is one of the best sprite animations i have seen so far since i've been here!
sound effects great! Animation great! Storyline awesome!

Keep doing what your doing man!
this is insanely awesome man!

Very Nice. Smooth Animation

Looks like something that will make the front page. Well, maybe, but this is pretty good for sprites. Keep animating. Looking forward to what this will become.

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Cool game

Awesome game!

I love how there can be so many different possibility with the set of tools and blocks you've let us use.

This is probably one of my favorite puzzle game on newgrounds

But, I don't exactly get the story line so much
At the end, you met yourself, then, I get confused from then on
or the Pill ending, not sure how that works either.

anyway, awesome game :D

and heres a level I made :D


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Very nice :D WUBWUBWUB

I liked the dubstep wobs very much\
I like how the Subs were used in this also, gives the song some nice vibes combined with the piano

The drums were nothing special, but I do like the snare and the panned hihats and cymbals

The choirs in the background are pretty nice for an angelic effect vs the evil wubs lol

But pertaining to the ending, it needs some work, unless you were going for a loop thing...
Otherwise, filtering the wubs out slowly accompanied by some light piano parts from the beginning melody and maybe some strings with the choirs in the background ending on a light note would be nice...


you could go for a hard ending and extend the wub wub wub starting at 2:20 with a different pattern of wubs with a more faster and harder melody with intensified drums.
As for intense drums, I always thought of imitating a metal type drum set using the sample VEC1 BD ReverbFX 02 and taking out the kick and maybe adding a Transient shapers to make the sample to appear to become more of a hit of an electronic crash symbol
I would then use that crash hit on each beat and add some double kick drum patterns and some epic snare hit's you've already mastered down :D

and then maybe add an epic lead synth in the upper frequencies, specifically the synth you used in you song http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/362352 (Indoctrinated) with an ending melody to accompany the wubs :P lol

well, that's the way I would to it lol


In all, this song reminds me of a dubstep version of Indoctrinated with piano - the lead + intensified subs :)

Fav once again


Once a great producer
Always a great producer!


also, I wouldn't mind if you checked my track Oblivious Dream, it was kinda expirimental for me with the Wubs and a melody accompanied with it :o

dj-Nate responds:

Absolutely phenomenal review, thank you.

:D Nice!

Love the tone!
The timpani makes a cool addition to the song, and the tech-stuff in the background help go with the theme.

I like the melody too, it also goes well with the
Cool chord structure also, great for a menu song :D

Makes great remixes too ;)

~Joseph F.


All I'm sayin' is that you need more EXPOSURE

If you had a lot of it, you'd be very popular :)


At the beginning of the song I thought it would another generic Newgrounds Song... Until the cutting vocals came in, and it sounded great!

I love the way you use vocals throughout the whole piece
It works out very well.
Also, I luv the way there are little gaps between the bass tone and some vocals giving that extra epic BAM in the song

Now for the drop
You remind me of skrillex but less repetitive and more BEAST MODE

The Dubstep synth was very well made too
Please PM about how you made the synth :) I would love to know!

But I think you should develop a better ending

I just got hit with minus points of how I didn't end a song very well
he said "It just stops. No transition at all, just stops like a knife sliced through it."

So, maybe add a filter to the Dubstep synth then fade to the main melody but played on the piano on the upper end


Now for mastering/mixing (whatever they call it nowadays)

On some parts I hear some minor distorting

Try to watch your levels, make sure they don't peak, like the high synth in the beginning. I think I heard it clip a little.

But in all, everything could be heard fine :)



Keep doing what your doing man!
Cause you do it GOOD

Lots of music i guess lolol

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