Okay lets go

2014-08-09 10:53:34 by dj-Jo

Okay, I won't be uploading remixes here any more lol

I should have stopped that a long time ago


It's time to focus on my own stuff ^_^


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2014-08-09 20:44:12

D: OH NOES! What made you decide to stop posting here?

I mainly come here for your off-vocals/remix downloads in the highest quality I can find. This really surprised me to see this.

Also, what do you mean by "It's time to focus on my own stuff ^_^"?

(NOTE: I made this account just to make this comment XD)

dj-Jo responds:

Well, I started on Newgrounds by just uploading my own original works. Now that I've gotten a good following on YouTube, getting on the Newgrounds featured content of Audio takes away from tracks that need more exposure here on Newgrounds. I want to give other underground artists a chance here on Newgrounds.

Don't worry, I'll be posting my remixes on instad.io for the free download ^_^


2014-08-16 13:49:19

Eh, your life. You go do as you need.

dj-Jo responds:

thanks for understanding ^^